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    Almost any decision is better than no decision — just keep moving

    – Danielle LaPorte


    Know Your Value. Invest in Yourself.

    Sitting on ideas or feeling lost about the business plans you never seem to finish? This is incredibly common and frustrating! Creative people tend to be very talented, and talented people start businesses. With all that talent, it can feel ironically impossible to create a solid plan of action or execute the one you already have. Sometimes the essential thing you're missing is support. What if you could increase your profits, overcome difficult obstacles, and finally step into the life you've always envisioned? Coaching with Olamide Michelle is all about focusing on that support - getting real and making powerful changes towards six + figures and true balanced wealth.


    Promoting Transformations for Targeted Results

    Running a start-up or any new venture can be very intimidating. Understanding operational logistics, strategic marketing, and business negotiations can be overwhelming for even the most experienced entrepreneur. Obtaining the advice and guidance of a specialized professional can eliminate much of the stress and enable your brand to reach new professional levels. OMI values the importance of staying up-to-date on the best practices and pulling from a diverse professional background to give you the ultimate up level. Work with us and our skilled team of content writers, social media pros, and business development experts on your next project and watch your business transform!

    Legal Services

    Protect Your Brand

    Olamide Michelle is an experienced intellectual property attorney passionate about helping entrepreneurs secure the legal protection for any brand. From the formation phase with incorporation and business contracts to developing a secured brand with trademark registration, OMI is a great resource for the rising business owner. Learn more about legal services here.

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