• Olamide Michelle

    Attorney. Strategist. Mentor

    My Mantra

    Keep Moving

    My entrepreneurial adventure started during high school when I created a summer dance camp for kids. I was so proud that I actually pulled it off and have been on this entrepreneurship journey ever since.


    I went on to find a lot of joy from teaching fitness and dance classes to all ages and am even now a certified yoga instructor! These passions have been my refuge and have shown me the importance of peace over all things.


    I've worked for law firms, non-profits, and even a major legal recruiting company. After exploring the traditional path towards success, I knew it was time to follow my original calling and support others in their entrepreneurial journey. Now I serve as an go to business bestie for all things brand development, and truly love what I do.


    My eclectic background consists of top sales roles, public relations, and a masters in law for intellectual property. I pull from all my areas of training to better serve my clients and continue to enhance my programs and services. It is my mission to help the "boho bosses" out there find their way towards building true wealth while also creating the ultimate balanced fulfilling life!


    When you work with me, you can expect honesty and passion. No fluff! I work with clients that I know have what it takes to succeed - mindful dynamic people who simply feel stuck or lost in the shuffle.


    I want to see you shine and will help you tackle the deeper truths about you and your brand. The ultimate question is: what do you really want and why don't you have it yet?


    If you see yourself on a new level with "out of this world" dreams, I'd love to help guide you on your next business adventure. Reach out to me directly at hello@omibrand.com or connect with me online.


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