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  • Hi, I'm Olamide Michelle

    My mission is to empower entrepreneurs and brands to tell a powerful story while helping and transforming the world one client at a time. We all have something to share, let's live out our dreams with meaning.


    I am very passionate about building ideas and making dream lives a reality. I've had a unique personal journey full of learning, trying, and finally stepping into my purpose, and I want to help you do the same!


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  • Precious Gems

    From My Clients

    Anna Jones

    Actress + Writer

    “Michelle is a gem to work with, whether it’s on consulting or legal matters. Talking to her feels like I’m speaking with a best friend who can break down processes efficiently and in layman’s terms. I feel more informed after speaking with her, every time, and would be COMPLETELY lost without her!”

    Wednesday Bluz


    "When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it's difficult to take the steps forward without knowing which steps to take. Michelle does an INCREDIBLE job of breaking down the necessary mindset. She gets the right conversations going that are needed to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. I find it difficult to stay on track and am constantly bouncing around with ideas and concepts. Michelle effortlessly manages to tie all of my ideas together for an amazing strategy!"

    Katie Jones

    Gallery Owner

    “I have loved working with Michelle. She's trustworthy, has your best interest at heart, and goes out of her way to get the job done. Michelle is creative, a go getter, and will have your back when it comes to the law.”

    Lisa Weltsch

    Creative Director

    “I'm so excited to work with Olamide Michelle on our current project. I've hired OMI Consulting to help us redefine and restructure our brand, and help us transition from offering a broad overarching list of B2C creative services, to zeroing in on our marketing service packages. I'm impressed in how organized and focused Michelle is, with clear goals, objectives and tasks with timelines, in order for us to stay on track for success.”

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    OMI is where strategy meets transformation. Start with a plan and experience how expert guidance can make a huge difference in your business operation. Learn more about the new Social Media Boss Pack here.

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    Tap into your best self and start reaping the benefits of entrepreneurship and being a dynamic creator! Don't let old habits and the inability to be bold limit your success. Gain mentoring today or on an ongoing basis. We will work with you to determine what is right.

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